Movie Hangover is…..Improving?!

In which I endeavour to explain some upcoming changes to the blog....

Yes, you read that correctly. Movie Hangover is attempting some changes. I must confess to being very slack over these last few months, with my last post being my Top 20 for 2019. I could rhapsodise intently about the reasons why; work, Coronavirus, life… but I won’t. The time is right though to try and push on with the very reason I started this in the first place. Namely to collate my uncalled for thoughts and feelings about this world we call film into what I’ve always hoped were largely coherant words. Movie Hangover has always been a little side project for me, one I came out with swinging in its original conception back in 2016. Yet over the years my enthusiasm has waned somewhat for it. In this world of streaming, mega blockbusters and involved expansive television, being able to balance watching it all, whilst working and then conjuring up loosely strung together opinions just felt like an impossible task. How can I possibly continue you may ask??

The answer is simple. I bring in some help. After all, no movie site earns it stripes without having numerous and differing voices at its core. Over the next few weeks you’ll start to see more pieces, more ramblings and hopefully more entertaining words float through this still innocent film website. Voices I’m proud to call friends, filmic opinion sparring partners and brilliant writers. Through our interactions, largely on a spectacularly originally named WhatsApp group titled Oscars, we have debated the merits of Waterworld (there are none), the best iteration of Bond (Brosnan of course) and whether the Fast and Furious is the most important franchise of our times (it is). All of it though has further inspired my love of this most adaptable of media. I cannot wait to read what they bring to the table.

“something to remind us of just why films can be the soothing balm we all desperately need right now”

That’s right I can do quotes now

To celebrate this refreshed Movie Hangover, the website itself has had a makeover, one in which I’m slowly beginning to figure out. Alas my WordPress skills are slight to say the least. I also want to roll out a number of new regular pieces, vitally due to the fact that Coronavirus has all but shuttered cinema as we know it for the foreseeable, meaning we are all crying out for something to remind us of just why films can be the soothing balm we all desperately need right now. Well except if you’re watching Contagion, which remains hauntingly prophetic and like watching a BBC News Report only with famous people. On the docket are such whimsically titled features such as “It’s the Drink Talking”- a mouthpiece for controversial film opinions and “Lets’s Take This Outside!!”- whereby two of us go head to head over a movie, debating pros and cons, and hopefully without resorting to name calling. And as you can see the drinking metaphors are alive and well, despite me not having touched the stuff since Christmas 2018.

So stay tuned, prepare yourself and wish me luck as 2020 hopefully turns around from being a pretty chaotic shitshow into something exciting, edifying and above all else entertaining.

(Oh and don’t hold your breath on the massive drop capital letter, I’m not sure I like it either!)

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