Infinity War breaks the Internet!

I must apologise it has been awhile since I have posted anything other than a film review, finding a wonderful woman who you just want to spend all your time with will do that (forgive me for the cheese), but I had to delve into what has become a major movie event-the first footage from Avengers: Infinity War!


It is hard to believe it but the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be turning 10 years old come next May. In that time producer extraordinaire Kevin Feige and his team will have conjured up 19 films (including the upcoming Black Panther) and utterly changed the cinematic landscape. A gentle beginning with a brief cameo from one Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man, slowly built into a true comic book world wherein characters began to interact with one another, events from one film feeding into another. Unlike the slapdash desperation of DC films, Universal’s Dark Universe and numerous others, the MCU has worked simply because its interconnected nature is fine tuned, (despite a few hiccups along the way) characters given room to breathe and the creatives behind the scenes given measured but enough free rein to add personality where it counts.

Infinity War and its 2019 follow up will represent something even ballsier than this original universe, a finale. Of course the MCU will continue afterwards, $5 billion in revenue will do that, but with entirely new blood and a much different focus. What that will look like remains to be seen, but what that does mean is Infinity War will witness actual death for once. One aspect the films have always suffered with when it comes to dramatic tensions. Marvel have told The Russo Brothers (who have returned to direct both films after their Cap America double bill) who can and can’t die, but with most of the old cast at the end of their lengthy contracts come 2019 it doesn’t take a genius to see who may be for the chop.

Anyway I digress, let’s take a glimpse at the trailer, one that has already broken records for most views in 24 hours, 230 million and counting….

Man that final shot alone just raises all sorts of goosebumps, and not just because of Cap’s breathtaking new beard. And this is but a glimpse of a film that promises to have, at one point, over 30 characters fighting together!!

Key points of note to make:

  • There is a note of finite sombreness to the tone here. Portentous voiceover reminds us of the reasons for The Avengers forming in the first place, coupled with shots of them looking desperate, stunned or shaken.


  • The reason for their fear is of course the big bad we’ve been waiting for since first being introduced back in The Avengers, Thanos. I must confess to being a little wary of his presence. Giant CGI bad guys have usually lacked a sense of menace, generally down to their air of lifelessness, and the dire nature of Justice League’s big villain added fuel to the fire. But Marvel are shrewder than that, coupled with what I hope will be some decent script work and the inclusion of Josh Brolin as the titular menace, leaving me a little more optimistic. Although his purple Bruce Willis vibe isn’t the best:


  • Marvel have continued to utilise their careful marketing skills as despite the trailer showcasing what can only be described as spoiler moments; Vision’s infinity stone being removed from his head, Tony Stark appearing to have his arc reactor back in his chest even after having it removed in IM3, and Thanos wielding at least 2 stones at one point, there is in actual fact only about 3 locations shown. Outside of some brief shots we primarily see a big set piece in New York (and the appearance of Peter Parker’s Spidey sense at last), a battle on a strange dusty planet and the ginormous action sequence in Wakanda that ends the trailer. If this is all Marvel wants to show at this point then there is clearly a helluva lot more to see!


  • New Spidey suit!!! The overt CGI is off putting here but at this early stage the effects are still a way off from being fine tuned.


  • It is clear that Black Panther (Feb 18) will play a huge role within Infinity War, with Wakanda most likely the home of the final stone we’ve yet to see, the Soul Stone. Hence the mahosive battle we see here:


Marvel have never done a true epic Lord of the Rings style battle before so it feels apt that their biggest film to date should manage to squeeze one in.

  • It appears that the fight is mainly between Wakandans and Thanos’ Outriders, alien beasties bred by Thanos to serve at his pleasure, whom look like this:


We also do get a very brief look at one of his henchmen dubbed The Black Order, but it is so quick it is very hard to catch a screenshot. Suffice to say there are 5 of them and they’re not to be trifled with. It is one of those we see removing Vision’s stone and tossing a spear at Cap.


  • Man that beard is handsomely rugged, serious man crush right there.


  • That killer money shot, slowed down beautifully to maximise nerdgasms, seriously just watch John Boyega’s video of him watching the trailer to see how it’s done.


  • Cleverly the footage released back in the summer at the D23 conference showed off this moment but Thor had the use of both eyes in order to protect the major moment in the recent Thor: Ragnarok in which he loses one. Now that that film is out and earning huge dough ($800 million and counting) the secret is no longer needed. I’m presuming the end credits scene of that film, in which the newly homeless Asgardian people are ambushed by a massive spaceship, leads into Thor looking the worse for wear as he does here after a one-two with Thanos. D23 footage showed this moment in a much fuller sequence wherein the God of Thunder is rocked through space landing in the path of these reprobates:


The freakin Guardians of the Galaxy. (Note teenage Groot). A shot designed to really stoke the general movie-going public who may not be aware of how all encompassing this film will be. It’s also intriguing to note that this will be 2 years after the ending of Guardians Vol.2 so it’ll be strange to see what has happened to them in that time.

All in all a tantalisingly brief first glimpse, one that does just enough to sing to the fanboys hearts whilst luring in the general fans, not to mention really selling the grand scale of proceedings. Make no mistake about it Avengers: Infinity War will be huge come April 27th (and yes that is over a week before the yanks get it 🙂 )!

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