Movie Shots: Down in One!

A return at last to my movie news round-up. We have a solid collection of trailers, news, and pics for your perusal. Enjoy!

  • Edgar Wright has finally returned. Baby Driver is the first ever action musical, soundtracked by a typically eclectic Wright song collection. Ansel Elgort stars as Baby, a getaway driver who suffers from tinnitus, thus he has to continuously listen to his iPod (a usually offbeat character choice from Wright there). Falling in love with Lily James’s waitress he must go up against Kevin Spacey’s gangster who refuses to let him leave his service. The trailer is suitably well constructed, framed by snippets of that cool as ice soundtrack, and effectively showcases a film that looks stylish, action packed and fun as hell. In fact the film screened at SXSW this weekend and has been raved about with almost deafening elan. Cannot wait for this one, check out both trailers below (the international I slightly prefer).

Baby Driver doesn’t open until August 😦

  • Let’s continue with the trailers here and move onto the third and final Wonder Woman trailer. This one, more than the others, fills us in on the general plot and it looks fairly solid. Big action, some funny lines, and handsome cinematography give me hope, but thanks to the repeated letdowns of the last 2 DC films I’m somewhat hesitant. The cast is killer, and Patty Jenkins has been a formidable voice in discussing how important this film is to her but we shall have to wait until June 2nd to find out whether she has succeeded or not.

  • After flying out of the gate with John Wick, duo directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch split apart. Chad tackled Chapter 2, whilst David has gone onto a making another actor into a non-stop killing machine, this time Charlize Theron. Atomic Blonde features the Oscar-winning actress as a hugely talented spy who has to face off a bevy of fellow spies to retrieve a top-secret dossier. Similar to Wick, the plot is but a thin line to balance stunningly choreographed fight scenes. Theron looks ferocious here, sexy, vicious and more than capable to beat up a group of much larger men. Akin to Mr Wick she also suffers her fair share of beatings, here giving much needed heft from the full-on R rating. Check it out, and if this is not on your must-see now you need to check your pulse:

Atomic Blonde is out 28th July.

  • Speaking of madness, Fast and Furious 8 unleashed another mind-boggingly insane trailer. Full of cars falling from the sky, Jason Statham and The Rock out-testosteroning each other, and a submarine launching through the ice chasing the titular crew. Somehow managing to top a series that reaches ever more mental heights, this looks like immense fun, and is the start of a final trilogy of films. Although how they can top The Rock sliding a torpedo away with his bare hands is beyond me!!

Fast and Furious 8 lands April 12th.

  • The movie footage continues apace with, not a trailer, but a specially shot teaser for 2018s Deadpool 2. Filmed by incoming director David Leitch, it continues the snarky NSFW nature of the first film. Spoofing the Superman style costume change but with a side of order of Stan Lee piss-taking and comedic violence, it is huge fun and promises that Leitch can maintain the energy of the hugely successful debut film.

No official release date for the sequel as of yet, but with Atlanta star Zazie Beetz cast as Domino and Cable casting about to be announced expect this one to hit sometime in 2018.

  • Scarlett Johansson throws her hat into the R-rated comedy ring with Rough Night. She plays a bride-to-be who faces the usual Hangover style antics on her hen night, this time events are set in motion after the unexpected killing of their stripper. A solid comedic cast including Jilian Bell and hot thing Kate McKinnon, and the rarely tested funny side of Johansson has me intrigued. While no big laughs here there is enough good natured mildly naughty fun to promise a decent Summer comedy.

Rough Night begins partying June 16th.

  • Kong proved himself King of the box office this weekend as Skull Island took a barnstorming $61 million in the U.S and $81 million internationally for a worldwide tally of $142 million. A great start and proof that this new movie Monster universe is going to be pretty successful. Logan continued its immense success itself with another $107 million worldwide this weekend and is now close to the half a billion mark. R-rated is the way to go!! Although the biggest story is the low-budget ($5million) horror Get Out has now made $111million in the US. A major major success for production company Blumhouse, who are churning out hugely profitable films at an alarming rate. Plus the film is phenomenal. Opens this Friday and I cannot recommend it enough.
  • This week it was announced that “Best Show Ever” Game of Thrones will return July 16th. Delayed due to the need to film during the Winter months, after all Winter Has Come, and shortened to 7 episodes, nonetheless this looks to be the biggest season yet. With only one more season after this, we have to savour all we can of this landmark show!! Let the countdown begin…
  • Fox’s X-Men TV show has now got a title, the unimaginatively named Gifted will have its pilot directed by movie mastermind Bryan Singer. Starring Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, and Jamie Chung-cast as mutant Blink, it features two parents who have to deal with their children becoming mutants. How this factors into the ever confusing X-Men timeline is beyond me, and probably even the filmmakers themselves, but I’d imagine it’ll be a little less surreal than Legion.
  • Thor: Ragnarok finally revealed some glimpses of what new director Taika Waititi is bringing to the table and suffice to say it is colourful. Literally popping with bright colours and eccentric outfits, this is shaping up to be something highly unique in the MCU. Cate Blanchett and Tessa Thompson look badass as villain Hela and warrior Valkyrie respectively. Not to mention Jeff Goldblum camping it up as The Grandmaster. Thor himself has had his glowing locks sheared off and the iconic hammer is nowhere to be seen as the God of Thunder faces a gladiator planet and having to face off against the big green monster The Hulk! Canny wait for this one.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Thor: Ragnarok opens November 2017

  • The planned sequels to Avatar are seemingly out of reach with James Cameron now stating that the second of a proposed four more films will not land Christmas 2018 as originally planned. Although no surprise as the sequels don’t go in front of the cameras until this Summer, it is remarkable to think that it will be over 10 years since the first before a second comes out!!
  • Finally Jurassic World 2 has commenced filming and director JA Bayona has unleashed the first still. A mysterious moody looking image which immediately proves that this is far from the brighter visuals of the lacklustre Jurassic World. Bayona is a hugely skilled filmmaker, finding the beauty and heart in the fantastical in all of his films, especially the recent A Monster Calls gives me hope that we could get something special here. Although the constant rumours of actual gun wielding Dinosaurs featuring this time leaves me slightly hesitant:


Jurassic World 2 opens 22nd June 2018

Til the next hangover….

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