2017: The Big Preview


2016 is so last year!! Let’s forget all the misery and death of last year, not to mention one of the worst summer movie seasons for decades, and look ahead to the biggest films set for release this year. I have forgone the traditional monthly January preview, namely because it’s already a week into Jan and also so I could delve into a thorough overview of the entire year. This year is set to be a doozy with not 1 but 3 Marvel films (a chance for the superhero movie naysayers to declare over-saturation), the return of Ridley Scott to true Alien horror, the next films from greats like Edgar Wright, Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Denis Villeneuve and many many more, and a little film called Star Wars Episode 8! I haven’t split this preview into months of release, rather its more of a spitball of random films that will hopefully thrill, excite, move and most importantly entertain you!!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


Let us start with the biggie. After the enormous, and slightly surprising, success of the first Guardians film, James Gunn and team have returned to the stars for what looks to be another irreverent, hilarious and unique slice of Superhero cinema. Little is known about the story currently, other than it concerns Peter Quill (Chris Pratt at his most delightfully charismatic best) discovering the truth surrounding his father. A father called Ego (a living planet in the comics) but here a figure in the shape of Kurt Russell; an actor with coolness the size of a planet. New faces include Pom Klementieff as Mantis and Elizabeth Debicki (last seen in the BBCs Night Manager) as the big bad this time out. But we’re all here to see the terrific chemistry and immense fun of the central group, who based on the trailer are closer than ever and most likely closer to killing each other than ever. Expect this one to be MASSIVE! Especially with the adorable Baby Groot!

Release Date: April 28th

Hangover Potential: 5/5

John Wick: Chapter 2


An unexpected success both critically and commercially John Wick landed in 2015 with a swift punch to the system. Simple in its story but extremely confident in its execution. It established a unique world, especially the hotel for assassins, with effective simplicity. Not to mention some of the best action choreography of the last few years, Wicks singular double tap kill method is wilfully cool. John is back this year with a story set just a few weeks later as he gets drawn into a personal fight that brings him to Rome, and face to face with his old Matrix cohort Lawrence Fishburne. Although only one of the duo directors returns this time out, Chad Stahelski (the other is off prepping Deadpool 2) expect similar levels of action insanity, and maybe just maybe the dog will survive this time.

Release Date: February 17th

Hangover Potential: 4/5

Spider-Man: Homecoming


The second of Marvel’s trio of films this year, although the first of theirs to be released in conjunction with another studio. The deal they struck with Sony a few years back was met with much excitement within the industry, with the basic terms of the deal being that Sony funds most of it and therefore receives the majority of the profits but Marvel can use the character and contribute creative talent to the piece. Key to this is the inclusion of Downey Jr’s Iron Man, a move that will help this earn extra buck, and based on the trailer numerous references to the Avengers. Featuring a young cast, this one is set predominately in High School, to help differentiate it from the previous two iterations of the character. Tom Holland was one of the highlights from last years Civil War, and looks to be mining that awkward sensitivity that makes him so endearing. Plot details, as with all Marvel, are thin on the ground, but Spidey will be going up against Micheal Keaton’s Vulture (yes Birdman is playing a literal Bird man) alongside side villains Shocker and The Tinkerer. Audiences may be tuckered out from another version of Spider-Man but with the MCU connection the future is bright.

Release Date: July 7th

Hangover Potential: 4/5

Fifty Shades Darker


I am loathe to include this here but it cannot be denied that this will be (sadly) one of the years biggest films! The follow-up to the massively successful Mum-porn from 2015, it appears to be another slice of fantasy middle-aged wish fulfilment. I am unsure as to the story here, something about a rich man having sex with some shy girl that includes the tamest S&M you’ve ever seen. It appears to be adding a thriller aspect this time with some crazy Ex of his making an appearance and blah blah blah. Filmed back to back with the final film Fifty Shades Freed with new director James Foley aboard, I could not give less of a shit about this film but here’s the trailer if you so wish.

Release Date: February 9th

Hangover Potential: 2/5



 Although a part of 20th Century Fox’s increasingly convoluted X-Men timeline, Logan looks to be a thoroughly unique direction for the franchise. The Wolverine was an undervalued film, mainly due to the weak and generic final act, and James Mangold returns to direct here. Set decades after the happy future depicted at the end of Days of Future Past, when a new mutant hasn’t been born for years, we find Logan battered, tired and suffering a weakness in his powers (notice the wounds on his body in the teaser trailer). An old and dementia ridden Professor X (Patrick Stewart looking very very old) introduces Wolvie to a young girl who may actually have a mutation. In the comics she goes by the name X-23 (a clone of Wolverine) but with slight tweaks for the film iteration. Villains Richard E Grant and Boyd Holbrook feature, Holbrook is the head of the comic book faves The Ravagers, and after the success of Deadpool we are finally getting a fully fledged R-rated Wolverine movie. Hugh Jackman has claimed this is his last go around (although recent interviews hint at his hesitation) and the trailer has a distinct finality to the tone. I’m genuinely pumped at this one, and have a feeling it could be an immense surprise. Let’s watch one of last years best trailers again:

Release Date: March 3rd

Hangover Potential: 5/5

Kong: Skull Island


Set within the world of Godzilla, the two of them will face off in 2020s originally titled Kong Vs Godzilla, comes the 70s set Kong: Skull Island. How they will meet in the present day remains to be seen, but in this outing we follow a army unit headed up by Samuel L Jackson take a group, including Tom Hiddleston’s scientist and Brie Larson’s photographer, onto a mysterious island. There they face horrific creatures, note the giant spiders in the trailer, and the titular beast. Differentiating itself from the previous versions of Kong, this one drops the odd romantic angle in favour of a Vietnam referencing adventure tale. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, an unusual choice seeing as his most notable film is the lo-fi The Kings of Summer, but one who has constructed some indelible images. The shot of Kong rising in the flames is incredibly evocative. A strong cast, massive visuals and distinctive setting should give this one some decent box office legs.

Release Date: March 10th

Hangover Potential: 4/5

Beauty and the Beast


Disney will certainly face an inevitable backlash from all these live-action remakes; Lion King, Pinocchio, Mulan, Cruella and many more are on the way, but based on the ridiculous amount of views the first trailer got (127.6 million in 24hrs) people are very much on board. It probably helps that Beauty and the Beast is one of their most beloved films, and this film will retain those ever loved songs, not to mention a few new ones from original writer Alan Menken. A sterling cast gives life to the iconic characters, from Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast and a voice cast made up of stalwarts such as Ian McKellan and Ewan McGregor, it certainly doesn’t want for pedigree. Bill Condon directs, and has given this a suitably lavish vibe with large scale sets and gorgeous costuming. I am a little wary of the objects that come to life, the candlestick, clock etc, as they have a weird mix of being real and slightly odd with their little faces. But it is a small concern in a film that will bring in considerable $!

Release Date: March 17th

Hangover Potential: 4/5

Alien: Covenant


From lightweight family fare to something altogether more terrifying, Ridley Scott returns to the Alien universe with his follow up to Prometheus, Alien: Covenant. Although not very well favoured, I admit to being a fan of Prometheus, it didn’t always merge its horror inklings with the more philosophical leanings but was a captivating stunningly shot slice of sci-fi. Picking up 20 years later as the crew of the Covenant, featuring Katherine Waterston as a Ripley-esque crew member, go in search of the missing Prometheus ship. Last seen heading off to the Engineer’s homeworld with Michael Fassbender’s severed head and Noomi Raapace’s scientist aboard. Fassbender returns as not only the android from the first but a new one by the name of Walter (these androids always have such dull names). Raapace is conspicuous by her absence but I have heard rumours of a flashback cameo, suffice to say I’m imagining things do not go well for her. Entering into the fully R-rated violent horror of the first Alien film all those years ago, Scott just from the trailer alone looks to be having some gory fun. How it all connects to the 1979 original and how Neil Blomkamp’s proposed 5th film will fit in remains to be seen but I cannot wait to see the return of the Xenomorph. Also shower sex when an alien is on the loose, big no no!!

Release Date: May 19th

Hangover Potential: 4/5



Ben Wheatley is seemingly the fastest working filmmaker out there, no sooner have we come down from the surreal insanity of last years High-Rise, than we get his next genre curveball. Set in the pastel coloured 70s, Free Fire is an action romp set all in one warehouse as a criminal deal goes spectacularly wrong. Bullets fly, as do the zingers, Wheatley has brought together an impressive cast, including Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer and Brie Larson. It all looks like a lot of fun and based on the reviews out of the films London Film Festival premiere it is one of his most purely enjoyable films, especially encouraging as his last few films have been challenging not-for-everyone cinema.

Release Date: March 31st

Hangover Potential: 4/5

T2: Trainspotting


Coming just over 20 years after the first film lit a flame under the UK film industry, and inspired a generation of youngsters to, in the words of the film, “Choose Life”. Danny Boyle, writer John Hodge and all of the cast return in a loose adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Porno. Not much is known about the story at this time, but it involves revenge, booze, sex and of course some drugs. Doubts that Boyle could recapture the manic energy of the original were laid to rest when the first trailer was revealed last year. It has the same feel, albeit with some added weight with the theme of ageing being very much prevalent. Despite thinking of James Cameron’s Terminator 2 every time I see T2 come on the screen, this could very well be one of the first proper good belated sequels.

Release Date: January 27th

Hangover Potential: 4/5

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


When your fourth instalment still makes over a billion dollars despite critical and audience negativity it is no surprise to see a fifth chapter come to the screens. This has an odd background though, filmed way back in the summer of 2015 with relative newbie directors Joachim Ronning & Espen Sandberg, and very little in the way of marketing so far. The only trailer released avoids showing any of the familiar faces instead showing Javier Bardem’s hammy and clammy new villain Captain Salazar. As with the Pirates series the threat is supernatural, this time it is some sort of zombie crew, although I really feel like they’ve done that already. Depp returns of course, although I hope his screentime is more limited this time out, his character always being better when at the sidelines. Alongside Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa and Orlando Bloom as Will. Set to feature the biggest sea battles committed to film, I’m a little unsure how popular this will be. On Stranger Tides was a few years ago now, and Depp’s stock is not what it was, but if going by the neverending popularity of another critically savaged franchise (see below) then I’m sure Pirates 6,7 and 8 will not be far behind.

Release Date: May 26th

Hangover Potential: 2/5

Transformers: The Last Knight


Excluding the first, and by far the best, film the Transformers films truly represent the innate awfulness of a Michael Bay film. The man can construct large scale bone-crunching action scenes with aplomb but outside of that is generally a sea of hormonal shots of women in tight clothing, confusing and silly storylines and noise over subtlety. Somehow though these films consistently make massive amounts of dough, despite never actually meeting anyone who really likes them. The last one, the aptly named Age of Extinction (it seemingly went on for an age) was seen by Bay as a reboot but featured the exact same characters facing the exact same generic problems albeit with maybe one or two visual changes. This time out we have a tale rooted in Arthurian lore and, in one staggeringly bad-judged move on Bays part, sequences set in Nazi Germany filmed at Churchill’s house!! Optimus Prime has turned evil in what appears to be the theme of 2017, Vin Diesel in Fast 8, Cars 3 being incredibly morbid etc, and I couldn’t really care less. Expect this to make a billion dollars and for the rest of us sane individuals to hang our head in shame.

Release Date: June 25th

Hangover Potential: 2/5

War for the Planet of the Apes


Now this is more like it. Building on the immensely nuanced and effective Planet of the Apes prequels director Matt Reeves finally gets to the meat of the tale with War. Focusing as usual on Andy Serkis’s Ceasar as he attempts to avert an all-out war with the humans. These films have always excelled at showcasing the consequences of even the smallest of actions, this film pivots on the violent actions of Koba in Dawn. We also have another three-dimensional villain in the shape of Woody Harrelson’s Colonel Kurtz-alike army general. But this is Serkis’s film and the motion capture work this time out looks truly amazing. Changing up the locations a little bit resulting in the crew having to film mo-cap scenes in the harshness of snow, wind and rain, giving the film a distinctive feel to its brethren. Probably in my top 5 most anticipated of the year.

Release Date: July 14th

Hangover Potential: 5/5



Any year that features a new Christopher Nolan film is most definitely a great year. Opting for a rather more straight laced and linear film this time out as he tackles that overused of genres with a World War 2 piece. Telling the story of one of the greatest and largest evacuations in history as 330,000 soldiers waited at the shores of Dunkirk as boats of all kinds (fishermen were amongst those who came to help) headed towards them. Meanwhile they have to face repeated attacks from an enemy who capitalise on their predicament. Utilising every cinematic tool at his disposal, Nolan has avoided as much CGI as possible in favour of in camera effects, to tell a powerfully human story. A young unknown cast including Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles (yes that Harry Styles) mix it up with seasoned veterans Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh. Not sure if this has quite the same box office potential as his more unusual high concepts like Inception, but with the Nolan name attached and a story that has rich emotional texture should result in some decent takings.

Release Date: July 21st

Hangover Potential: 5/5

Fast and Furious 8


Titled The Fate of the Furious in America, we Brits have to settle with the more generic Fast and Furious 8, probably because we struggle with puns, maybe! What is clear is this franchise has gone from insane strength to insane strength. Evolving from an entertaining if incredibly cheesy underground racing franchise to a true blockbuster powerhouse. After the troubled production of Fast 7 which had the tragic job of having to make a film around the death of its leading man. The results were heartfelt and extremely well orchestrated. Now with 8, and the start of one final trilogy of films, the series evolves once more into an almost spy like thriller. Lured in by Kurt Russell’s mysterious agent into battling Charlize Theron’s villain. Things are made trickier when Vin Diesel’s Dom turns on the team and joins up with her for reasons currently unclear. Despite the word ‘family’ far too often used to describe themselves, new director F. Gary Gray has constructed some mental action scenes. From Statham Vs The Rock round 2 (Johnson’s line “I will break you like a Cherokee drum” is genius) to a car chase on the ice involving a submarine (!) this film will not want for cinema shattering mayhem!

Release Date: April 14th

Hangover Potential: 4/5

Baby Driver


After the highly publicised and deflating fall out with Marvel over his Ant-Man film, Edgar Wright cleans his palate with a self-penned original project. Getaway driver Baby (Ansel Elgort) sees a chance to escape his criminal life when he meets a cute waitress (Lily James) but alas a Mob boss played by Kevin Spacey draws him back in with one final job. It does sound all a little familiar but with Wright behind the wheel it should be anything but. In fact the whole film is soundtracked with the music Baby listens to in his car, in a delightfully clever Wright-ism. A strong cast including Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm, breakneck action coupled with a typically wry mix of humour and drama, and Baby Driver could be a late summer hit. No trailer as of yet!

Release Date: August 11th

Hangover Potential: 4/5

Cars 3


Another instalment in the highly successful but not overly loved Cars franchise was inevitable (the merchandise alone has made over a billion dollars) but after the childlike and childish Cars 2 no one is expecting anything exciting. I should note that I rather enjoyed the nostalgia bathed and simplicity of the first film. Pixar may have surprised us all though, with the first teaser being a morbidly bleak and grey glimpse at central hero Lightning McQueen crashing out. The story is still under wraps but director Brian Fee has countered that it won’t be as depressing as the trailer makes it seem, with the central crash being a chance to elaborate on a theme of ageing and career stagnation. Pretty heavy themes but knowing Pixar they will have laced that all with a knowing humour and light touch. Cars 3 could become one of 2017s most surprising films.

Release Date: June 16th

Hangover Potential: 3/5

Despicable Me 3


The wildly successful Despicable Me series continues unabated with the third film featuring Gru, his new wife Lucy, and those beloved Minions now joining up to fight against other villains. Although they’ve never been particularly deep or complex films, the bright colours, heartfelt stories and clever wordplay of its strong voice cast have led to some highly watchable slices of joy. New to the ensemble is South Park’s Trey Parker as a new 80s music loving super-criminal. The first teaser showcasing his penchant for cheesy dancing as the heroes attempt to take him out. Offering a delightful piece of animation escapism, expect this one to make big moolah come June.

Release Date: June 30th

Hangover Potential: 3/5



Pixar’s other film for 2017, and their only original film for the next few years, is this Mexican set tale during the annual Day of the Dead festival. Lee Unkrich directs a story surrounding young Miguel, seen above in a lovingly warm piece of concept art, as he journeys to the Land of the Dead in order to find his family history. This screams of huge potential, Pixar utilising the visual uniqueness inherent in Mexican culture to explore themes of family and heritage. Gael Garcia Bernal and Benjamin Bratt make up the cast of a film that is said to be part-musical, with songs and music inspired by the vibrancy of the country. No footage has been shown as of yet, but count me in on some Pixar originality after repeated sequels.

Release Date: November 22nd

Hangover Potential: 4/5

Thor: Ragnarok


Marvel’s third and final film of 2017 has the potential to be their most far out and exciting. After the success of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Marvel have once more hooked another offbeat talented filmmaker to offer their particular brand of unique strengths to the growing MCU, in Taika Waititi. Predominately set in space, this builds on Marvel’s new propensity for crossing over their characters, with Hulk playing a major part. Adapting the Planet Hulk storyline as Thor finds the Green Giant battling for entertainment as arranged by Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster. How the Hulk winds up in space after last being seen in a Quinjet at the end of Age of Ultron, is anyones guess but the idea of Thor and Hulk on a roadtrip across the galaxy is exciting. Adding to this is of course Hiddleston’s Loki and MCU newbie Dr Strange, who as per the end credits scene in his origin film, will help Thor locate said brother. Also containing new villain Hela played by Cate Blanchett and it all sounds a little heavy. But I trust in Waititi to blend his smarts, humour and knack for character to make the whole thing hugely entertaining.

Release Date: October 27th

Hangover Potential: 4/5



Yes Baywatch is coming! A movie adaptation of the gloriously cheesy and very titillating 90s TV show which made a star of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. I was ready to write this off but with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron involved I am oddly excited by it all. Efron and Johnson have both proved to be terrific comedy performers, with charisma and timing to rival a lot of more seasoned comedy performers. Aided along by a bevy of beautiful women, some high octane action and decent humour, the trailer makes it all look like throwaway fun. The summer movie season needs these sort of films, and I’m expecting a surprising hit come May.

Release Date: May 26th

Hangover Potential: 3/5

Wonder Woman


After the misery and disappointment of BvS and Suicide Squad my excitement for further DC films has wavered somewhat. The trailers thus far have been effectively rousing but if I recall 2016s DC films had similarly brilliant marketing pushes. A few things give me faith. One, director Patty Jenkins. A shrewd assured director (Monster is a formidable piece of work) who has been pretty upfront of her love for the character, a love that appears genuine unlike the forced fandom of Zack Snyder. The visuals she has on display here are a little glum, like all the DC films, but she shoots the action with a clear eye and with some adept choreography. Two, the cast. As per the other DCEU films a capable series of performers has been assembled. Gal Gadot in particular was one of the best aspects of BvS, and carries herself with the necessary grace the character demands. Lastly the setting. World War 1 is rather under seen on the big screen, and especially within the confines of the comic-book movie genre. The film did face a little bit of controversy when it was leaked that the studio was once again making changes to the film, a reveal that Jenkins was quick to deny. I’d like to believe her but based on the compromised visions of last years DC films it’s not wholly out of the question. Fingers crossed though that Wonder Woman will represent a fresh start for the struggling universe, and will actually be regarded as a decent film.

Release Date: June 2nd

Hangover Potential: 3/5

Justice League


“It’s alot more fun,” “There is definitely more humour this time,” “It has got a much better balance of more comedic material to darker stuff.” Numerous quotes there from differing members of the Justice League production team. If it’s not obvious from those then let me make it clear, WB are very much aware of the negative reactions to last years DC films and want to do something about it. Telling the story of Batman and Wonder Woman pulling together some of the Worlds Finest including Aquaman and Cyborg in order to face down the threat of Steppenwolf. A minion of the big bad Darkseid, who we’re told will NOT feature here, it is unfortunately another CGI created bad guy. If there is one thing these films need to distinguish themselves from the others is a solid tangible baddie. Lex could’ve been a good start, and he does return here, but was lost under Jesse Eisenberg’s odd performance and later on the awful generic CG beastie Doomsday. The cast is of course a solid one, and as always with Snyder I’m sure the action will be suitably epic. Thankfully the first teaser was noticeably lighter, helped immeasurably by Ezra Miller’s quippy Flash. But it was still mired in moody cinematography and general downbeat characters. Thoughts from those who visited the set last Nov have hinted that genuine steps have been taken to avoid the pitfalls of BvS, but I remain ever more hesitant.

Release Date: November 16th

Hangover Potential: 3/5

The Mummy


Dracula Untold was meant to kickstart a multi-film Universal Monsters universe, but alas it sort of fell on its arse due to flat visuals, poor marketing and audience apathy. Instead it falls to Tom Cruise, no stranger to boosting movie franchises to great effect, and the mega budgeted Mummy re-do. After a hugely fun and successful Brendan Fraser fronted version, although let’s not discuss The Rock flavoured sequel, we instead have a more po-faced and action heavy iteration. Showcasing a female Mummy this time around, played by Kingsman’s Sofia Boutella, and hitting the familiar beats of plagues, disasters and creepy tombs. Judging by the trailer, though, there is a slight twist in the tale as it appears Cruise’s soldier winds up dead and then strangely resurrected. Building the universe through the casting of Russell Crowe as Dr Jekyll (yes we all know where this will end up) and with Wolfman, Van Helsing etc all in the pipeline expect the MCU to stand for something else very soon.

Release Date: June 9th

Hangover Potential: 3/5

Blade Runner 2049


A sequel to the 1982 science fiction classic has been in the pipeline for years. But for numerous reasons; timing, story issues and studio hesitance, it hasn’t materialised. Thanks to Ridley Scott getting involved and original scripter Hampton Fancher the very much belated follow up will finally arrive this Oct. Directed by quite frankly one of the best directors currently working Denis Villeneuve, and featuring Ryan Gosling as the latest noir detective, Blade Runner 2049 finds Gosling’s tec teaming up with Harrison Ford’s Deckard to tackle a new replicant threat. Bringing Ford back is both risky and ideal, risky in that a Ford comeback can sometimes favour nostalgia over proper story reasons (see Indy 4) but as in Star War Ep.7 can also be a genius idea in using the old to give way to the new. Villeneuve has certainly nailed the visuals judging by the first teaser, and with cinematographer extraordinaire Roger Deakins lensing then if nothing else the film will at least be gorgeous. I have faith in this team though and its certainly the first long-delayed sequel I’ve looked forward to.

Release Date: October 6th

Hangover Potential: 4/5

Star Wars Episode 8


Of course I am going to save possibly the years biggest film for last. Sadly as with all the previous SW films the secrecy surrounding it is biblical, with not even a subtitle being revealed. Although rumour persists that it will be Forces of Destiny, which is decent if a little like the name of a cheap video game spin-off. We know director Rian Johnson (who has also scripted) has once more favoured the practical effects, further rumours hint that Snoke will be a large scale puppet as opposed to a CG effect this time, and numerous insiders have waxed lyrical that this will truly push the saga films into new territory after the overt callbacks of Force Awakens. Due to wanting to keep the focus on Rogue One, no footage has been revealed as of yet but expect a trailer around April time when Star Wars Celebration hits Florida. Needless to say this will be a huge huge hit!

Release Date: December 15th

Hangover Potential: 5/5

Well that’s the key big releases set for this year but of course there are many many more I couldn’t fit in, but to summarise we have:

  • Ghost in the Shell (March 31st)
  • Untitled PT Anderson 70s fashion film (Autumn 2017)
  • The Lego Batman Movie (February 10th)
  • A Cure for Wellness (February 17th)
  • Power Rangers (March 24th)
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (May 12th)
  •  Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (July 21st)
  • The Dark Tower (July 28th)
  • Stephen King’s IT (Sept 8th)
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle (October 6th)
  • American Made (Sept 29th)
  • Geostorm (October 20th)
  • Insidious Chapter 4 (October 20th)
  • God Particle: Cloverfield (October 27th)
  • Murder on the Orient Express (November 22nd)
  • Jumanji (December 22nd)
  • Pitch Perfect 3 (December 22nd)
  • The Greatest Showman on Earth (Christmas Day)

Lots to see this year and hopefully a lot more we have yet to hear of, 2017 is shaping up to leave one hefty hangover!

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