Another look at some 2017 biggies!!

After the debut of Spidey and Apes the other day we now have our first look at some other HUGE films for next year. First up is a more thorough look at one of my favourite director’s next potential masterpieces, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Following on from a brief but effective teaser back in the summer, we have a full trailer which once again showcases some stark and beautiful images.

A surprisingly (for Nolan) conventional story around the Dunkirk evacuation back in WW2, he looks to be mining every technical tool in his arsenal to truly convey the desperation and violence of that momentous historical moment. Nolan has reportedly crashed an actual WW2 plane for real during shooting as well as staging some truly epic scenes of mayhem and confusion. I cannot imagine this will focus on the brutality and horror that Spielberg used in Saving Private Ryan, instead honing in on the emotional undercurrent of the ensemble cast. Said cast is made up of newcomers like One Direction’s Harry Styles (yes seriously) amongst some major heavy hitters such as Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance.

Take a look:

Hans Zimmer’s score is teased throughout, note the ticking clock sounds at the beginning, and it’s certainly got some effective moments. It is probably one of the lesser trailers in Nolan’s back catalogue, rife as it is with big pop culture inspiring moments e.g the choral chants of The Dark Knight Rises teaser, but is still very tantalising.

The first 7 mins of the film is set to debut before Rogue One in Imax cinemas this Christmas and I will report back on the footage later this month. Dunkirk opens July 21st 2017.


In a slight change of tone the 8th instalment of The Fast and the Furious franchise, eventually becoming 10 (!), launched its first trailer in a sea of utterly insane carmegeddon!! Entitled The Fate of the Furious (F8 of the Furious would’ve made more sense) it appears to show franchise hero Dom (Vin Diesel) rebelling against his makeshift family for some unknown reason by fulfilling the machinations of new villain Charlize Theron. These films have always had silly plots with unnecessary complexities but this one feels very simple and barebones. But let’s face it we are all here for the mental action and new director F. Gary Gray has certainly delivered. Submarines exploding out of ice, wrecking balls swinging into cars and The Rock facing down a returning Jason Statham all add to one fun looking film!!

Fate of the Furious opens April 14th 2017




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