Start your Baby Groot love-ins now!!

Dropping like a well-needed bomb of joy, fun and awesomeness last night was the first full trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2:

OMG! So much to dissect here. Let’s get the main thing out of the way first. Baby Groot is possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. His confusion around pressing a simple button is evident that James Gunn’s witty characterful writing is just as good as it was first time around.

Coupled with the sound of a new track from I presume the Awesome Mixtape Vol.2 and filled to the brim with colourful vibrant crazy creatures, seriously what is that space squid thing, Vol.2 is going to be HUGE come next May. Revealing very little around story, setting or villain, it is ostensibly a mood setter, and when the mood is this god damn fun then who cares about the rest.

P.S. That is the first glimpse at new character Mantis in that final hilarious scene, played by Pom Klementieff.

Vol.2 hoovers up all the box office money May 5th 2017!

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