Scorsese returns with Silence!!

A story that had taken him 30 years to get to the screen, not to mention 15 months in post production, it felt very much like we would never see Scorsese’s tale of 13th Century Jesuit priests searching Feudal Japan for a fellow priest. Rumours abound of 4 hr cuts and director perfectionism gone to extremes but today we finally got to see a glimpse of what one of our finest filmmakers has in store for us come January. Take a look:

Man that’s some serious hair Andrew Garfield is growing there. Joining him we have Kylo Ren himself Adam Driver and Liam Neeson as the priest they are hunting. As to be expected with Scorsese the visuals are masterful, full of earthy elements and potent moments, it looks thoroughly intriguing. A tough sell for a mainstream audience but with that name and probable Oscar talk I’m sure Paramount’s hefty investment will pay off. Facing a late Dec/early Jan release, right in the middle of peak Oscar time, expect this to be a late entry into best of lists and award choices. Or if, for some unlikely reason, it turns out bad, we can live comfortably in the knowledge that Garfield will walk away with the Best Bed-Hair award. (not an official Oscar category).

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