Movie Shots: Down in One!!

Your weekly (well I’ll try to make it weekly) round up of movie related goodness, all in handy to down shot form!!

  •  First up we have the new trailer for DC’s Wonder Woman. Similar to the first it looks well shot, thrilling and epic. But even with a stellar director in Patty Jenkins and a great cast including Chris Pine and Robin Wright, I am somewhat hesitant. Up to now Warner Bros have made some spectacular errors with BvS and Suicide Squad, all of which had similarly great trailers and pedigree. For now I’m cautiously optimistic but one big cravat, can we please stop with the slo-mo action. It has had its day!!

  • Following that trailer we also got this week the first proper look at T2: Trainspotting (hate that title though) and it’s incredible. I think we all expressed concerns that a sequel all these years later was a risky proposition but with Danny Boyle returning and all the cast too I remained hopeful. Judging on the trailer Boyle has once more tapped into the energy and urgency of the seminal first film. Headlined by Ewan McGregor’s new version of the “Choose life..” speech it looks wild, seedy and huge fun. January cannot come quick enough!

  • Continuing our trailer theme Vin Diesel dropped the new trailer for his belated return to the xXx role, with the Return of Xander Cage and it looks mental!! Making the Fast and Furious films look like Spotlight in comparison, it is filled with Vin doing ever more elaborate EXTREME stuff. Skateboards on sides of buses, bikes turning into jet skis, and more explosions you can handle, it could very well be 2017s biggest guilty pleasure. Not entirely sure audiences remember the first xXx film, not to mention the dreadful Ice Cube starring sequel, enough to cause a successful return, but with Diesel’s prolific stature thanks to the F&F series it could be a surprise hit.

  • Final trailer of the week belongs to The Lego Batman Movie. Being the best part of the immensely amazing Lego Movie, the Will Arnett voiced Batman receives his own spin-off film next year and it looks delightful. Although not as filled with as many witty jokes as the first film, it looks to be a remarkably tongue in cheek dig at the character and the previous Bat films; the BvS reference here is brilliant. With a superb voice cast, including the genius casting of Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, it will be a big hit come next February.

  • It was revealed this week that Johnny Depp will appear in the second Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film. Rumours abound that he will appear in a cameo role in the first set for release in two weeks, but as of yet his role remains secret. I’d place money on it being Gellert Grindelwald who I believe is being set up as this 5(!) film franchise’s Voldemort. Twitter somewhat erupted in anger at Depp’s casting, thanks to his recent court battles with his ex Amber Heard. It’s not this blogs place to comment on matters surrounding his supposed abuse, but in terms of his recent movie performances I’m hesitant. Depp has become a little dull of late, relying on costumes and funny voices rather than actual acting but he is certainly a big coup for this new movie universe.
  • Doctor Strange has opened to some big numbers in the US today. Building on its already stellar opening weeks across the world (it’s currently at close to $140million internationally) it landed with a $32.6 million first day gross. On its way to a potential $80 million weekend, that will put it ahead of the openings of Cap America’s first film, Thor 1 and Ant-Man, and will land it just shy of Thor 2’s $85 million opening weekend. The MCU is still flourishing.
  • Disney continue apace with adapting their beloved animated films into live action. On the heels of the announcement that Jon Favreau will turn The Lion King into a live action musical, unlike his Jungle Book this one will be more song heavy, we now can count Snow White amongst this group. No director is attached as of yet but they are actively developing the project.
  • On the subject of their live action films Disney released the first proper glimpses at their highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast. Directed by Bill Condon, and starring Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens as the Beast. Expect the first full trailer with Disney’s Moana this xmas, and I for one like the look of these images. Beautiful production design and stunning costume work, plus the Beast looks pretty effective, although will it seem the same in motion. We shall see, take a look:

Love the look of Lumiere!!

  • Mr Robot’s Rami Malek has been cast as Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Queen biopic. Originally set to be played by Sacha Baron Cohen before Brian May took um-bridge at Cohen’s planned portrayal. Even more surprising is that X-Men director Bryan Singer is in negotiations to direct. Personally I was excited for Cohen’s version of Mercury, plus he certainly has a similarity to the late singer, but Malek is a talented performer. Expect a release in late 2017/early 2018.
  • Game of Thrones’s Mance Rayder or the King beyond the Wall Ciaran Hinds has apparently been cast as the big bad of Justice League, Steppenwolf. Sadly it’s a Mo-Cap role, meaning we won’t see Hinds’s expressive face but at least we’ll have his booming voice to power the villainy. I don’t know much about the character other than he is known to be the emissary of mega-bad Doomsday, but I for one am a little tired of CGI baddies. They lack a certain weight and fear because there’s a barrier in truly believing them as real. I’m hoping the MCU may offer a counter to this when we finally see Thanos in play.
  • Finally we have the awesome news that Stranger Things season 2 has commenced production. A huge critical, audience and social media success this summer, the warmly nostalgic 80s sci-fi returns next year and it appears all the wonderfully believable child actors will be returning. Here’s the cast at the first script read-through:


Until Next Time…..

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