Logan showcases a Superhero film we’ve never seen before!!

20th Century Fox have revealed the first glimpse of Logan. High Jackman’s final go round as the Wolverine. And it looks brilliant. Featuring the return of James Mangold to the directors chair, he also called the shots on The Wolverine which was surprisingly good, and the inclusion of X-Men stalwart Patrick Stewart. Let’s watch first:

Effectively utilising Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt, and featuring many bleak desolate shots of a broken world and hero. Appearing to be set way way after Days of Future Past’s hopeful alternate future, but as with the rest of the films this looks to be a muddy timeline. (One thing that Fox have gotten incredibly wrong around this X-Men movie-verse). 

Logan looks old, weathered and appears to be lacking the ability to heal as before. Inspired by the comic book line Old Man Logan, it is something we’ve not seen in a comic book film before: the passage of time and closure. Most superhero films tend to be built around furthering a business plan so consistently leave open ended stories. Jackman has stated that this was to be his last go around (although whether Fox will let him go that easily remains to be seen) so he wanted to go all out!!

This means, full R-rated violence (the Deadpool effect in full motion), personal story and what looks to be an emotional send-off. Wolverine has always been a somewhat tragic character and here it is emphasised by the notion that he has outlived all his X friends. Barring one! Yes Stewart’s back as a extremely aging Prof X. These two have always had the strongest chemistry of the series, except maybe McKellen and Stewart, and this appears to be capitalising on it. 

Story is still vague at the moment, all we can tell is the Prof puts a young girl similar to Logan (probably X-23) in touch with him and he deems to protect her. We know the mutant hunters The Reavers and Stephen Merchant’s Caliban are also involved. I believe this man may be Caliban in disguise:

The western vibe is unique and emphasises the lone wolf theme that the Wolverine films have focused on. Not to mention it’s good to see a film that doesn’t involve large scale scenes of destruction and big bosses (the finale of the otherwise successful The Wolverine suffered from this) but gritty grounded character driven action. Plus finally a Wolvie that brutally kills his foes, rather than the neutered version we’ve seen previously. 

Ouch!!! In summary I have some good feels around Logan and am counting down the days until it’s March release date. 

Here’s the R rated trailer which is pretty much the same barring the shot seen above:

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