Girl on the Train has solid start, Finding Dory reaches milestone!!


Attempting to tap into Gone Girl’s success The Girl on the Train faced a challenge against Hurricane Matthew and poor buzz going into this weekend. It landed at the top of the chart but with a less than stellar $24.6 million. Made for $45 million it received an average B Cinemascore and suffered a steady drop off on Saturday. I have a feeling the bad buzz and general lack of excitement from auds will leave this way off the $300 million Gone Girl landed worldwide a few years back.

Before we move on to the rest of the weekends figures we should note the milestone Finding Dory reached this week. Joining Pixar’s Toy Story 3 in the billion dollar club, not to mention the 27 other films, most of them Disney’s. $485 million domestically and $517 million internationally has Dory becoming the 5th biggest animated film globally.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children dropped to second place with $15 million and $51 million total in two weeks. Overseas it has made $94 million for a global take of $145 million on a $110 million budget. An ok amount but one surely to be a success once it releases on DVD, a media that usually drives these family films to bigger numbers. Not entirely sure a sequel will get made based on these figures but Fox will be happy with solid profits on an unusual property.

The true life tale Deepwater Horizon lands at three with $11.8 million and $38 million total. Made for $110 million, it’s not a great figure, which is surprising as Wahlberg is a solid draw and America tends to go for these true stories of courage under pressure (see the success of Septembers Sully, although that had the double whammy of Clint and Hanks), perhaps the fallout of this disaster is still to close to home for some people.

Reaching $75 million after three weeks, with $9.2 million grossed this weekend, The Magnificent Seven, with a $90 million budget, has been a modest success. Not the big blockbuster some expected with that cast but a decent showing nonetheless.

The animated Storks took $8.5 million its third weekend for a total of $50.1 million, with $56 million overseas for a total of $106 million so far. Budgeted at $70 million, its been a decent success for the newly re-vitalised Warner Bros Animation Studios, with the U.K set to open next weekend.

Whether it is the consequence of the rape allegation controversy surrounding its writer, director and star Nate Parker or the genuine lack of interest for another black slavery pic so soon after the Oscar winning 12 Years a Slave, but The Birth of a Nation opened in sixth place with $7.5 million. Bought at Sundance by Fox for $17.5 million, it is a modest opening and could sustain legs if the award talk surrounding it pans out, but opening this early in the Oscar season means it may drift away somewhat.


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