Pirates 5 releases first trailer. 

The inevitable fifth instalment in the endless Pirates of the Caribbean franchise debuted its first trailer and poster (see above) last night. 

Strangely the teaser features not a shred of Johnny Depp or the returning Orlando Bloom. An odd decision, especially as Depp is the primary driver of the franchise. However it is certainly a creepy and effective trailer. The visuals are incredible as to be expected with the amount of money behind the scenes and Javier Bardem seems to be hamming it up a treat as the villain of the piece. In fact for a family film, especially one with such a lightheartedness, this is incredibly dark material. 

Hailing from the directors of indie fave Kon-Tiki, Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg, who were a surprising choice to takeover a billion dollar franchise with only small budgeted films to their name. They look to have nailed a suitably epic feel to it all, although the fact that this was filmed way back in 2015 and won’t release until July next year shows that Disney want to give these untested guys plenty of time to get it right. A rare move in this world of film release date announcements before a script is usually even written. 

Retitled from the intriguing Dead Men Tell No Tales subtitle used in America to the more generic Salazar’s Revenge here in the U.K. Pirates 5 tells of Bardem’s titular Captain Salazar pursuing Jack Sparrow and the trident of Poseidon. It all feels painfully familiar. Visually stunning and supernaturally afflicted villain, a personal vendetta against Sparrow (how many pirates has he managed to piss off) and a move away from the traditional pirate tale that so made the first film click. I’ll be there of course but I’m starting to hope Disney wind this particular voyage up soon. 

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