Passengers trailer lands! Space just got sexier. 

Sony finally unveiled the first trailer for their big Christmas release this morning. Surprisingly late for a large scale release, it seems Sony wanted to play this one close to the chest until the effects heavy film was a little more complete. 

Set on a ship heading to a distant planet two members of the crew wake up from hyper sleep 90yrs early. They start to fall in love, as two beautiful people usually do, but find themselves fighting to keep the ship flying after something goes awry. 

The script featured on Hollywood’s Blacklist a few years back, the list is a rundown of all the best scripts currently making the rounds, and based on what I’ve heard is extremely impressive. Morten Tyldum (Imitation Game) directs and should make for a capable set of hands. But let’s face it most of the audience will be drawn to Lawrence and Pratt. Two of the industry’s heaviest hitters should make for a lot of $ come December. Although opening so soon after Rogue One may dampen its full potential. 

As for the trailer it all looks like huge entertainment albeit I must confess that the overall shiny sheen to the surfaces and the leads comes across a tad fake. Sci-Fi works strongest, I believe, when the settings feel realistic and that constitutes a bit of a grit in the eye. Examples like Alien and Interstellar come to mind. Even 2001: A Space Odyssey, a classic yes, is colder thanks to the cleanliness of it all. Still I have a feeling the central duo will puncture through that and offer some real heft. 

Plus we also get the magnificent sight of Michael Sheen face planting a bar, keep your eyes peeled for that one. 

Passengers hits cinemas December 23rd. 

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