Sully flies high (sorry) for a second week. 

Sully continued to perform admirably in the US this weekend. Staying on top, and only losing a scant 30% in ticket sales, with $22million. After two weeks it now stands at $70.5million with a further $23.4million taken worldwide. It still is yet to open in key markets such as the U.K.  Made for $60million it now stands at $93mill so far. It marks Tom Hanks’ first live action film to stay top 2 weeks running since Castaway. 

Second place belonged to Blair Witch with a weak $9.7million. Expected to open with double digits it’s proof that the whole secrecy around its existence did not translate to bums in seats. I believe the filmmakers had nothing but good intentions in keeping the title hidden for so long but they underestimated how little a sequel was wanted and how bored people are with found footage. This is singnified in the dire D+ Cinemascore it received from audiences. One of the lowest scores possible. Made for only $5million it will still turn a profit but I’m sure will only be seen as a disappointment. 

Third place was another unexpected low taker Bridget Jones’s Baby. Taking $8.2 million it was way below the openings of the first two films but makers Working Titles can be happy with the huge $11million it took here in the U.K. The biggest opening for a Rom-Com in history. It appears auds were quite ready to see the further adventures of our Bridget, not to mention an extensively pervasive marketing campaign. 

Oliver Stone’s Snowden came fourth with $8million (man you can tell it’s the doldrums of sept with these low figures) and an A Cinemascore. Made for $40million it will be looking worldwide to make back its money. 

Don’t Breathe rounded out the top 5 with $5.6mill and $75million total. Made for a scant $10million it is a huge hit for Lionsgate and I’m sure a sequel, though unwarranted, will be announced soon. 

The other key features of note were Suicide Squad and The Secret Life of Pets which both crossed milestones this weekend. The Squad earned $4.7million and now stands at $313million domestically and $405mill overseas to stand at $718million after 7 weeks. An impressive amount for a property no one had heard of as recent as last year. 

Pets crossed the $800million mark worldwide. At $363million in the US and $441million internationally it stands as the sixth biggest film of the year so far. It also puts Illumination Animation at $4billion worldwide since coming onto the scene with Despicable Me in 2010. Those Minions will be celebrating hard tonight. 

Some pretty poor figures this week but I have a feeling The Magnificent Seven will open big next weekend, seeing as it features heavy hitters Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt. 

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