First glimpse at Nocturnal Animals

I really don’t know what’s going on here but Amy Adams looks gorgeous as always!

Fashion designer Tom Ford made the unlikely leap into filmmaking in 2009 with A Single Man. It was surprisingly brilliant. Haunting, moving and immaculately crafted with a never better Colin Firth starring. Then Ford disappeared. A new singular voice erupting onto the scene only to evaporate just as quickly was, according to Ford, not intentional. Other commitments and a creative block led to his hiatus. But he has returned with his sophomore film Nocturnal Animals.

Already earning plaudits on the festival circuits over the last few weeks he once again seems to have utilised a great cast to tell a unique story, and as to be expected complemented by some beautiful images. The rapturous Amy Adams leads as an arts gallery owner who is shaken when a manuscript from her ex husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) arrives that makes her question her past and the choices she has made. Adding to the elliptical nature of the piece we also see the events of the book play out in a fictional movie within a movie, with added Michael Shannon (always a welcome presence).

Most likely not for everyone, it once again looks like an absorbing experience from a director left to fully deliver his vision and I for one cannot wait!

Nocturnal Animals opens in November.

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