Sully soars (sorry) to number 1!!

Clint Eastwood’s latest, and the first movie to be filmed entirely in IMAX, Sully had a stellar opening weekend. Starring Tom Hanks and telling the true story of the Hudson River hero Captain Sullenburger, it led the weekend with $35million on a $60million budget. Not entirely surprising, Hanks and Eastwood are big draws, couple that with a true story of an American hero (yanks love their pedestal raising folklore) and you have yourselves a winner. An international release is slow for this one, UK doesn’t get it until November, but reviews have been solid and I admire the fact it’s a 90min true life tale. Brevity always helps. 

Second place belonged to Screen Gems’ When the Bough Breaks with $15million. A erotic thriller aimed at the African-American market, it’s a decent debut on a $10million budget. This will most likely get a limited release over here as currently it’s not even scheduled. 

Raising $8.2million in its third weekend the lean thriller Don’t Breathe has amassed an impressive $66.8million so far. On a minuscule $10million budget it has turned into one of this summers most profitable films. 

Fourth place saw the DC snooze fest that is Suicide Squad continue to soak up the dosh. $5.6million for a 6week gross of $307million. Worldwide it will cross the $700million mark tomorrow. Made for $175million it has been a huge success for WB, but the fact that a sequel hasn’t been officially announced yet proves the critical mauling has thrown them for a loop. 

Landing in fifth place was Lionsgate’s new animated film The Wild Life with a weak $3.4million. I must confess I haven’t even heard of this one but with that small amount of money I don’t think we’ll be hearing much more about this one. 

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