Don’t Breathe holds its own!!

It was the Labor Day weekend in the US this past weekend and with it comes a 4 day break. Normally moviegoers are thin on the ground whilst they enjoy their time off, and this was no real exception. However one film did walk away with some nifty profits.

In its second weekend horror Don’t Breathe, starring Stephen Lang, dominated with $19.4 million and only a 40% drop in ticket sales. A terrific result in a genre that normally suffers large second week drop-offs, strong word of mouth seems to be running in its favour here. Domestically hitting $54 million on a $10 million budget leaves it as one of the huge late summer successes.


WB’s interminable Suicide Squad continues in second place with $10 million, and a 5 week total of $297 million. This week overtaking Man of Steel’s lifetime gross, an unexpected feat considering the innate marketability of Superman compared to the DC lesser villains. Grossing $672 million worldwide so far, it is a huge success for the fledgling and struggling DC universe. Let’s hope WB utilises the dosh to make better comic book adaptations in the future.

In the best news of the week the magnificent Pete’s Dragon climbed three spots to third place with $8.9 million and $64 million total. Not a massive figure but a decent investment in what could turn into a home entertainment hit, not to mention future classic status. Yes I love this film!!

Fourth belonged to Kubo and the Two Strings, losing only 17% in ticket sales, and $6.5 million for the weekend. $34 million total is still way off Laika’s other pictures but with an international rollout still to come, this should have no trouble recouping its $60 million budget.

Fifth saw the sleazefest that is the hilarious Sausage Party continue its strong run with $6.7 million and just shy of $90 million running total. Made for just $19 million, a remarkably small amount for an animation, it also seems to be dominating here too, opening number one with considerable ease.

Two other notable releases turned out to be two of the biggest bombs of the year. The beautiful looking and impeccably cast Light Between Two Oceans, starring Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander fumbled out of the gate with $6.3 million. Made for $20 million, it’s not the worst debut but a low figure considering the talent involved. It may be that with all the great genre pieces offering movie escapes, nobody fancied a tear jerking emotionally wrought drama about child loss.

The biggest failure this week is no doubt 2oth Century Fox’s Morgan. $2.4 million in over 2,000 theatres is in the top 5 worst openings of the year. No surprise with a crap marketing campaign and lacklustre premise. The fact it’s a pretty terrible film should leave no one with any sleepless nights.


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