Zendaya’s Spider-Man role revealed?

As per the norm with Marvel huge secrets still surround their upcoming MCU Spider-Man film. The only characters that have been confirmed so far are Keaton as Vulture, Tomei as May, Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson and of course Holland as Spidey. Today though we have a potential futher revelation. 

Heroic Hollywood is claiming that Disney Channel veteran Zendaya will be playing Mary Jane Watson. This appears to make good sense. MJ is a well established part of Spidey lore and Marvel have spoken frequently about making this one of the most racially diverse and youthful pics in their repertoire. 

If true I’m all onboard and I wait with exhausted breath for the inevitable racist tweets the film will face with this decision. It’s an incredible shame that thanks to the anonymity of social media we can give voice to these morons. We saw it earlier this year with the Ghostbusters fiasco and I’m sure we will again. Spider-Man has always celebrated the need for acceptance and the comics, more than any others of their ilk, have embraced racial and societal changes numerous times. So for any Spidey fan to go off colour about this choice does not fundamentally understand the character they claim to love. 

Then again Twitter you may surprise me…

In related news someone has tweeted a potential look at the first poster. Take a look:

Huge fan of this. He looks cool and I love the old school logo. Everything about this film is looking special and what with Tom Holland stealing the show in Civil War I think we may just yet find the film to steal Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 crown. 

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