Disney announces Little Mermaid live action film, gets licence to print money!!

Disney continues to mine its substantial back catalogue in order to further its ridiculous profits, this year alone they have four $900million grossers; the only studio to do so, with the announcement of a Little Mermaid live action picture. 

Luring Hamilton star and Broadway’s new love affair Lin Manuel Miranda back to help write new songs (he’s a key songwriter for Disney’s next toon; Moana, and will star in Mary Poppins Returns) alongside maestro Alan Menken. Old songs will still be a major part, similar to what’s happening with next years Beauty and the Beast update. 

No cast or talent attached yet but expect this to gain traction soon. I admit to feeling a little weary at the insane amount of remakes Disney have coming (see below) but the pedigree involved and the surprisingly majestic Jungle Book revisit earlier this year leave me cautiously optimistic. 

In the pipeline currently:

Jungle Book 2, Mulan, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins Returns, Pinoccchio, Dumbo, The Nutcracker, Tinkerbell, Cruella, Maleficent 2, Winnie the Pooh and The Sword in the Stone. 

Phew that’s a huge amount of dosh waiting to be hoovered up. 

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