First pic from Passengers hits. 

Hitting cinemas one week after Rogue One (the scheduling gods failed big time there) comes Passengers. Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Directed by Intimidation Game helmer Morten Tyldum. It’s a script that’s been heavily celebrated and featured as part of the annual Black List; Hollywoods regular list of unproduced in demand scripts. 

Pratt plays an astronaut on a 120yr mission into deep space. 20yrs in he awakens early and seeks companionship, wherein he wakes up JLaws’ fellow scientist. 

Two of the biggest stars in a film with an epic sweep. This could become a huge hit and the first pic dropped this week courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Take a look:

I have one major cravat. Bearing in mind this is the very first glimpse and completely out of context but they look far too clean cut for a deep space mission. Lawrence in particular looks dressed more for a night in the city rather than delving into the mystery of space physics. 

However this is still a first glimpse and when you have the two most beautiful stars out there it can be tempting to leave them as dirt free as possible. But for my money Alien is where it’s at when it comes to how I want my space explorers to look. 

Nevertheless I’ll be front row when this releases (Assuming I’m not watching Rogue One for the seventh time) on December 20th. 

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