Sausage Party not enough to top Squad

Suicide Squad dropped off 67% its second weekend at the US box office, (Batman V Superman dropped 69%) to take top spot this weekend with $43.8 million. Total so far is $222 million domestic and $465 million worldwide. Solid numbers but once again poor word of mouth has resulted in a huge second weekend drop which does not bode well for its staying power. When are WB going to learn that the lure of first sight is not enough when film quality does not inspire repeat viewings. Marvel films have longer legs due to the markedly re-watchableness (I know it’s not a word) of their output.

Sausage Party debuted well at number two and $33 million. A strong number due to the R rating and odd concept that could’ve led to low numbers. But a strong comedy cast and good marketing campaign has paid off. I’m excited to see this one when it hits our shores next month.

The lyrical Pete’s Dragon (see my review) opened in third with $21.5 million. A decent effort for a sadly under advertised film. Its A cinemascore from moviegoers is encouraging that audiences can see a great film when they arrive (a rarity in this summer of dullness). I really hope this one holds well as it deserves to be seen by as many as possible.

No big shockers as we go down the table. Jason Bourne and Star Trek Beyond both have dramatically lower running totals than their forebears had at this time of their run. Bourne at $246 million worldwide and Trek hitting a troublesome $211 million worldwide.

Florence Foster Jenkins is the only other notable release earning $6.6 million and A Cinemascore in its first weekend of release. A lovely little film that should have decent legs amongst the older demographic.

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